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Archive for the 'New Book Tuesday' Category

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

New Book Tuesday: The Power of Tolerance, The Cinema of Agnes Varda and More New Books!

The following books are now available:

The Power of ToleranceThe Power of Tolerance: A Debate
Wendy Brown and Rainer Forst

Globalectics: Theory and the Politics of Knowing (Now available in paper)
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

The Cinema of Agnès Varda: Resistance and Eclecticism
Delphine Benezet

Alternative Economies and Spaces: New Perspectives for a Sustainable Economy
Edited by Hans-Martin Zademach and Sebastian Hillebrand

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Imaginal Politics, Klump, and More New Titles

The following books are now available:

Imaginal PoliticsImaginal Politics: Images Beyond Imagination and the Imaginary
Chiara Bottici

A Man: Klaus Klump
Gonçalo M. Tavares

East Sails West: The Voyage of the Keying, 1846–1855
Stephen Davies

Escape from Hong Kong: Admiral Chan Chak’s Christmas Day Dash, 1941
Tim Luard

Reforming Law Reform: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Beyond
Edited by Michael Tilbury, Simon N. M. Young, and Ludwig Ng

Doublespeak: The Rhetoric of the Far Right Since 1945
Edited by Matthew Feldman and Paul Jackson

The Treblinka Death Camp: History, Biographies, Remembrance
Chris Webb and Michal Chocholatý

The Moscow Bombings of September 1999, Second Edition: Examinations of Russian Terrorist Attacks at the Onset of Vladimir Putin’s Rule
John B. Dunlop

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Badiou on Lacan, History, Mad Moms, and More!

The following books are now available:

Jacques Lacan, Past and Present: A Dialogue, Alain Badiou, Elisabeth RoudinescoJacques Lacan, Past and Present: A Dialogue
Alain Badiou and Élisabeth Roudinesco

History and Popular Memory: The Power of Story in Moments of Crisis
Paul A. Cohen

Moved by the Past: Discontinuity and Historical Mutation
Eelco Runia

Mad Mothers, Bad Mothers, and What a “Good” Mother Would Do: The Ethics of Ambivalence
Sarah LaChance Adams

Religion and Ecology: Developing a Planetary Ethic
Whitney A. Bauman

Handbook of Social Work Practice with Vulnerable and Resilient Populations, 3rd Edition
Edited by Alex Gitterman

Troubled Apologies Among Japan, Korea, and the United States (Now available in paper)
Alexis Dudden

Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom’s Frontier (Now available in paper)
Theodore Hughes

The Millennial Sovereign: Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam (Now available in paper)
A. Azfar Moin

Brains, Buddhas, and Believing: The Problem of Intentionality in Classical Buddhist and Cognitive-Scientific Philosophy of Mind (Now available in paper)
Dan Arnold

International Politics and Film: Space, Vision, Power
Sean Carter and Klaus Dodds

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

New Book Tuesday! Badiou, Honneth, Blood, Beyond News, and more New Books!

New books now available:

Ahmed the Philosopher, Alain BadiouAhmed the Philosopher: Thirty-Four Short Plays for Children and Everyone Else
Alain Badiou

Blood: A Critique of Christianity
Gil Anidjar

Freedom’s Right: The Social Foundations of Democratic Life
Axel Honneth

Beyond News: The Future of Journalism
Mitchell Stephens

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Drama
Edited by J. Thomas Rimer, Mitsuya Mori, and M. Cody Poulton

Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare
Marian S. Harris

Time and the Other: How Anthropology Makes Its Object, Revised Edition
Johannes Fabian

The Heist Film: Stealing with Style
Daryl Lee

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Lady in the Dark, Crowded Orbits, A Semite, and More New Books!

The following books are now available:

Lady in the Dark, Robert SittonLady in the Dark: Iris Barry and the Art of Film
Robert Sitton

Crowded Orbits: Conflict and Cooperation in Space
James Clay Moltz

A Semite: A Memoir of Algeria
Denis Guénoun. Foreword by Judith Butler

Unearthing the Changes: Recently Discovered Manuscripts of the Yi Jing (I Ching) and Related Texts
Edward L. Shaughnessy

Christ Without Adam: Subjectivity and Sexual Difference in the Philosophers’ Paul
Benjamin H. Dunning

Never Forget National Humiliation: Historical Memory in Chinese Politics and Foreign Relations (Now available in paper)
Zheng Wang

Patrick Boltshauser; Translated by Peter O. Arnds

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Restaurants, the Blacklist, the Dirty Art of Poetry, and More New Books!

The following books are now available:

Fashioning Appetite, Joanne FinkelsteinFashioning Appetite: Restaurants and the Making of Modern Identity
Joanne Finkelstein

The Other Blacklist: The African American Literary and Cultural Left of the 1950s
Mary Helen Washington

Guilty Knowledge, Guilty Pleasure: The Dirty Art of Poetry
William Logan

Sources of Indian Traditions: Modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, Volume 2
Edited by Rachel Fell McDermott, Leonard A. Gordon, Ainslie T. Embree, Frances W. Pritchett, and Dennis Dalton

Indie 2.0: Change and Continuity in Contemporary American Indie Film
Geoff King

Taking It Big: C. Wright Mills and the Making of Political Intellectuals (Now available in paper)
Stanley Aronowitz

Globalized Arts: The Entertainment Economy and Cultural Identity (Now available in paper)
J. P. Singh

Balthus: A Biography
Nicholas Fox Weber

Mirror Gazing
Warren Motte

The Maya Pill
German Sadulaev

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Winnebago Nation, Video Revolutions, Alain Robbe-Grillet and More New Titles!

Our weekly list of new titles now available:

Winnebago Nation, James TwitchellWinnebago Nation: The RV in American Culture
James B. Twitchell

Video Revolutions: On the History of a Medium
Michael Z. Newman

New Tunisian Cinema: Allegories of Resistance
Robert Lang

Asian and Feminist Philosophies in Dialogue: Liberating Traditions
Edited by Jennifer McWeeny and Ashby Butnor

The Columbia Anthology of Yuan Drama
Edited by C. T. Hsia, Wai-yee Li, and George Kao

Supervision in Social Work, Fifth Edition
Alfred Kadushin and Daniel Harkness

A Sentimental Novel
Alain Robbe-Grillet

Edouard Levé

The Alp
Arno Camenisch

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Derrida/Searle, Survivors of Slavery, Hitchcock, the Homoerotics of Orientalism, and More New Books!

Derrida/SearleThe following books are now available:

Derrida/Searle: Deconstruction and Ordinary Language
Raoul Moati

Survivors of Slavery: Modern-Day Slave Narratives
Laura T. Murphy

Must We Kill the Thing We Love?: Emersonian Perfectionism and the Films of Alfred Hitchcock
William Rothman

The Homoerotics of Orientalism
Joseph Allen Boone

Early Medieval China: A Sourcebook
Edited by Wendy Swartz, Robert Ford Campany, Yang Lu, and Jessey J. C. Choo

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Drama, Abridged
Edited, with a critical introduction, by Xiaomei Chen

Acts of God and Man: Ruminations on Risk and Insurance (Now available in paper)
Michael R. Powers

The Ultimate Stallone Reader: Sylvester Stallone as Star, Icon, Auteur
Edited by Chris Holmlund

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: The DMZ, Gass, Millhauser, Slow Movies, and More New Titles

DMZ CrossingOur weekly listing of new books now available:

DMZ Crossing: Performing Emotional Citizenship Along the Korean Border
Suk-Young Kim

The Barnum Museum (Available again)
Steven Millhauser

Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife
William H. Gass

Slow Movies: Countering the Cinema of Action
Ira Jaffe

The Sports Film: Games People Play
Bruce Babington

Beheading the Virgin Mary, and Other Stories
Donal McLaughlin

From Out of the City
John Kelly

Zaza Burchuladze

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Eating and Praying in North America, Medieval China, New from Dalkey Archive, and More!

Our weekly list of new titles now available:

Religion, Food, and Eating in North AmericaReligion, Food, and Eating in North America
Edited by Benjamin E. Zeller, Marie W. Dallam, Reid L. Neilson, and Nora L. Rubel

Early Medieval China: A Sourcebook
Edited by Wendy Swartz, Robert Ford Campany, Yang Lu, and Jessey J. C. Choo

Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy: Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform (Now available in paper)
Paul Pillar

The Novel After Theory (Now available in paper)
Judith Ryan

Four Cold Chapters on the Possibility of Literature: (Leading Mostly to Borges and Oulipo)
Pablo M. Ruiz

The Literature Express
Lasha Bugadze

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Einstein on Relativity, Kristeva on the Severed Head, and New Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press

What Is Relativity?, Jeffrey BennettOur weekly listing of new titles now available:

What Is Relativity?: An Intuitive Introduction to Einstein’s Ideas, and Why They Matter
Jeffrey Bennett

The Severed Head: Capital Visions (Now available in paper)
Julia Kristeva

More Than You Know
Melissa Malouf

Selected Stories
Kjell Askildsen

Making Figures: Reimagining Body, Sound, and Image in a World That Is Not for Us
Bruce Bromley

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: The Insect Cookbook (really), a New Book from Mark Taylor, and More!

Our weekly list of new titles:

The Insect CookbookThe Insect Cookbook: Food for a Sustainable Planet
Arnold van Huis, Henk van Gurp, and Marcel Dicke

Recovering Place: Reflections on Stone Hill
Mark C. Taylor

A Materialism for the Masses: Saint Paul and the Philosophy of Undying Life
Ward Blanton

From the Old Country: Stories and Sketches of China and Taiwan
Zhong Lihe

Stephen Glynn

Tõnu Õnnepalu

Islands or Continents: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2013
Bei Dao, Shelby K. Y. Chan, Gilbert C. F. Fong, Lucas Klein, Christopher Mattison, eds.

Financial Analysis in Hong Kong, Second Edition: Qualitative Examination of Financial Statements for CEOs and Board Members
Benny K. B. Kwok

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: The U.S. in the Middle East, Head Cases, 60 Years at Columbia, and More New Titles!

Our weekly list of new titles:

Shifting SandsShifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East
Joel S. Migdal

Head Cases: Julia Kristeva on Philosophy and Art in Depressed Times
Elaine P. Miller

An Improbable Life: My Sixty Years at Columbia and Other Adventures
Michael I. Sovern

Social-Ecological Resilience and Law
Edited by Ahjond S. Garmestani and Craig R. Allen

Robert Horton

Chinese Opera: The Actor’s Craft
Siu Wang-Ngai with Peter Lovrick

On Telling Images of China: Essays in Narrative Painting and Visual Culture
Edited by Shane McCausland and Yin Hwang

Revolution, Modus Vivendi, or Sovereignty?: The Political Thought of the Slovak National Movement from 1861 to 1914
Josette Baer

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Boundaries of Toleration, An Investing Pioneer, and the Global Origins of Modernity in China

Breaking with the PastBoundaries of Toleration
Edited by Alfred Stepan and Charles Taylor

Passion for Reality: The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot
Michael R. Yogg

Breaking with the Past: The Maritime Customs Service and the Global Origins of Modernity in China
Hans van de Ven

No Country: Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalization
Sonali Perera

A Primer in Biological Data Analysis and Visualization Using R
Gregg Hartvigsen

The Cinema of Alexander Sokurov: Figures of Paradox
Jeremi Szaniawski

Sex and World Peace (Now Available in paper)
Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmett

Prophecy, Alchemy, and the End of Time: John of Rupescissa in the Late Middle Ages (Now available in paper)
Leah DeVun

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Samurai Lust, Berlin, 21st-Century China, and More New Titles

Lust, Commerce, and CorruptionOur weekly list of new titles now available:

Lust, Commerce, and Corruption: An Account of What I Have Seen and Heard, by an Edo Samurai
Translated by Mark Teeuwen, Kate Wildman Nakai, Miyazaki Fumiko, Anne Walthall, and John Breen

The Berlin Reader: A Compendium on Urban Change and Activism
Edited by Matthias Bernt, Britta Grell, and Andrej Holm

Spaces of the Poor: Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants
Edited by Hans-Christian Petersen

Animal Minds & Animal Ethics: Connecting Two Separate Fields
Edited by Klaus Petrus and Markus Wild

Dancing Archives – Archive Dances: Exploring Dance Histories at the Radcliffe College Archives
Thom Hecht

Transitional Justice, Culture, and Society: Beyond Outreach
Edited by Clara Ramírez-Barat

China at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Łukasz Gacek and Ewa Trojnar

Media in China, China in the Media: Processes, Strategies, Images, Identities
Edited by Adina Zemanek

Wandering Spirit: Lyrical Landscapes by Li Xubai
Edited by Anita Wong Yin-fong and Michelle Lau Ka-yu

Ingenious Iceland: Twentieth-Century Icelandic Paintings from the Anthony J. Hardy Collection
Edited by Jóhann Ágúst Hansen and Florian Knothe


Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

New Book Tuesday: Lenin, Russ Meyer, Worlds Without End, and More New Titles!

The following titles are now available:

Factory of Strategy, Antonio NegriFactory of Strategy: Thirty-Three Lessons on Lenin
Antonio Negri

Worlds Without End: The Many Lives of the Multiverse
Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Continental Strangers: German Exile Cinema, 1933-1951
Gerd Gemünden

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Dean DeFino

The Designing for Growth Field Book: A Step-by-Step Project Guide
Jeanne Liedtka, Tim Ogilvie, and Rachel Brozenske

Global Population: History, Geopolitics, and Life on Earth
Alison Bashford

Under Siege: PLO Decisionmaking During the 1982 War (revised edition)
Rashid Khalidi

Contentious Activism and Inter-Korean Relations
Danielle L. Chubb

Children Living in Transition: Helping Homeless and Foster Care Children and Families
Edited by Cheryl Zlotnick

Exemplary Women of Early China: The Lienü zhuan of Liu Xiang
Translated and edited by Anne Behnke Kinney

Islam Through Western Eyes: From the Crusades to the War on Terrorism (Now available in paper)
Jonathan Lyons

FabLab: Of Machines, Makers, and Inventors
Edited by Julia Walter-Herrmann and Corinne Büching

Fashion Myths: A Cultural Critique
Roman Meinhold. Translated by John Irons

Transnational Organized Crime: Analyses of a Global Challenge to Democracy
Edited by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Regine Schönenberg

Couchsurfing Cosmopolitanisms: Can Tourism Make a Better World?
Edited by David Picard and Sonja Buchberger

Metaphors in Architecture and Urbanism: An Introduction
Edited by Andri Gerber and Brent Patterson

Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged Its Prosperity
Leo F. Goodstadt

Contesting Visibility: Photographic Practices on the East African Coast
Heike Behrend

Wounds and Words: Childhood and Family Trauma in Romantic and Postmodern Fiction
Christa Schönfelder

Borders and Border Regions in Europe: Changes, Challenges, and Chances
Edited by Arnaud Lechevalier and Jan Wielgohs

The Way We Lived
Anca Giurescu

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

New Book Tuesday: Cut of the Real, Beyond Sinology, The Devil’s Advocates, and More New Titles

The following books are now available:

Cut of the Real, Katerina KolozovaCut of the Real: Subjectivity in Poststructuralist Philosophy
Katerina Kolozova

Beyond Sinology: Chinese Writing and the Scripts of Culture
Andrea Bachner

Text to Tradition: The Naisadhīyacarita and Literary Community in South Asia
Deven M. Patel

Neil Mitchell

The Thing
Jez Conolly

The Lovelorn Ghost and the Magical Monk: Practicing Buddhism in Modern Thailand (Now available in paper)
Justin Thomas McDaniel

Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History (Now available in paper)
Andrew J. Nicholson

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

New Book Tuesday: Watchdogs, Buddhists, and More!

Our weekly list of new titles:

The Watchdog That Didn't Bark, Dean StarkmanThe Watchdog That Didn’t Bark: The Financial Crisis and the Disappearance of Investigative Journalism
Dean Starkman

Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic: A Manifesto for the Mind Sciences and Contemplative Practice (Now available in paper)
B. Alan Wallace

Theos Bernard, the White Lama: Tibet, Yoga, and American Religious Life (Now available in paper)
Paul G. Hackett

Sustainability Management: Lessons from and for New York City, America, and the Planet (Now available in paper)

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

New Book Tuesday: Cairo, Cops, and More New Titles

Our weekly list of new titles:

CairoCairo: Images of Transition: Perspectives on Visuality in Egypt, 2011-2013
Edited by Mikala Hyldig Dal

Islam and the Politics of Culture in Europe: Memory, Aesthetics, Art
Edited by Frank Peter, Sarah Dornhof, and Elena Arigita

The Cop and the Sociologist: Investigating Diversity in German Police Forces
Barbara Thériault

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

New Book Tuesday: Nuclear Iran, Contemporary U.S. Fiction, Arab Politics, Afghan Elections, and More New Titles!

Our weekly list of new titles now available:

Anticipating Nuclear Iran, Jacquelyn K. Davis and Robert L. PfaltzgraffAnticipating a Nuclear Iran: Challenges for U.S. Security
Jacquelyn K. Davis and Robert L. Pfaltzgraff Jr.

Toward the Geopolitical Novel: U.S. Fiction in the Twenty-First Century
Caren Irr

Sectarian Politics in the Gulf: From the Iraq War to the Arab Uprisings
Frederic M. Wehrey

Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan: Elections in an Unstable Political Landscape
Noah Coburn and Anna Larson

The Company and the Shogun: The Dutch Encounter with Tokugawa Japan
Adam Clulow

Henry Stubbe and the Beginnings of Islam: The Originall & Progress of Mahometanism
Edited by Nabil Matar

A Perpetual Fire: John C. Ferguson and His Quest for Chinese Art and Culture
Lara Jaishree Netting

Why Aren’t They There?: The Political Representation of Women, Ethnic Groups, and Issue Positions in Legislatures
Didier Ruedin

New Nation-States and National Minorities
Edited by Julien Danero Iglesias, Nenad Stojanović, and Sharon Weinblum