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Archive for the 'New Book Tuesday' Category

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Big Money Thinks Small, From Head Shops to Whole Foods, Down and Out in New Orleans, and More!

Big Money Thinks Small

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Big Money Thinks Small: Biases, Blind Spots, and Smarter Investing
Joel Tillinghast

From Head Shops to Whole Foods: The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs
Joshua Clark Davis

Down and Out in New Orleans: Transgressive Living in the Informal Economy
Peter J. Marina

Mythopoetic Cinema: On the Ruins of European Identity
Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

Excessive Subjectivity: Kant, Hegel, Lacan, and the Foundations of Ethics
Dominik Finkelde

Sociology and Social Policy: Essays on Community, Economy, and Society
Herbert J. Gans

Religion, Theory, Critique: Classic and Contemporary Approaches and Methodologies
Edited by Richard King

Now available in paperback:
Waking, Dreaming, Being: Self and Consciousness in Neuroscience, Meditation, and Philosophy
Evan Thompson. Foreword by Stephen Batchelor.

Now available in paperback:
Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery
Siddharth Kara

Friday, July 21st, 2017

University Press Roundup

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the best articles from the blogs of academic publishers! As always, if you particularly enjoy something or think that we missed an important post, please let us know in the comments. (And look back at our University Press Roundup Manifesto to see why we do this post every Friday.)

Let’s start with some history. The University of Michigan Press continues their series of posts commemorating the 1967 Detroit Riot; this week, Brian Matzke discusses the failures of Detroit’s public institutions. Picking up on the themes of public education and racial justice, Kay Whitlock at Beacon Broadside reminds us of the connections between school privatization and criminal justice reform. Over at NYU, Stanley I. Thangaraj urges us to “Say Her Name”—to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of women of color to everything from professional sports to civil rights movements.

Several posts this week explore the ways in which scientific discovery and innovation intersect with social concerns. At Stanford Press, Londa Schiebinger traces flows of medical knowledge between European, Amerindian, and slave communities in the Atlantic World and identifies points of rupture. Bernd Brunner at Yale Books investigates the origins and legacy of the Apollo program, questioning whether a trip to the moon really benefitted American society and speculating on the future of space travel. Denis Alexander at Cambridge argues that science and religion have always been more closely intertwined than we tend to think, and Bonnie L. Keeler at Oxford lays out a plan for restructuring academic institutions so that future scientific innovation more directly benefits society and the planet.

Science has already given us answers to some of the most pressing questions of our time—for example, the urgent question of what wine to pair with dessert. At Yale Books, Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle provide a lively introduction to the science of taste, debunking myths about taste buds and explaining why the shape of a wineglass matters. I would recommend pairing that article with Mack McCormick’s enticing exploration of regional American stews over at Kentucky Press, or the University of Illinois Press’s brief history of the humble hot dog.

At the intersection of politics and aesthetics, Erin Greer, of Indiana University Press, examines the philosophy of conversation through the lens of Virginia Woolf. David Ebony of Yale Books criticizes the Venice Biennale, a major international art show, for lacking depth and incisiveness, though he highlights several works of art that amuse, provoke, and unsettle.

The poetic inversion of art in a sinking city might well be floating junk: Beacon Broadside interviews Marcus Eriksen, who crossed the ocean on a raft made out of garbage in order to raise awareness about plastic pollution. If, unlike Eriksen, you’re not building your own seaworthy vessels out of garbage, you probably don’t know much about the sophisticated machines you use every day—but Dennis Tenen at Stanford argues that you should have the right to tinker with, interpret, and understand your technology.

From the grab-bag of the eye-catching and the odd: To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones this week, Greg Garrett at Oxford asks what the abundance of zombie apocalypses on TV reveals about modern society. For more family-friendly entertainment, Travis D. Stimeling says, go enjoy a local bluegrass festival and learn about this uniquely American music genre.

Have a great week.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: The New Age of Reproductive Biology, the Impossibility and Necessity of Classifying Psychiatric Disorders, and More!

Fear, Wonder, and Science in the New Age of Reproductive Biotechnology

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Fear, Wonder, and Science in the New Age of Reproductive Biotechnology
Scott Gilbert and Clara Pinto-Correia. Foreword by Donna Haraway.

The Diagnostic System: Why the Classification of Psychiatric Disorders Is Necessary, Difficult, and Never Settled
Jason Schnittker

The Demand for Health: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation
Michael Grossman

Children Affected by Armed Conflict: Theory, Method, and Practice
Edited by Myriam Denov and Bree Akesson

Now available in paperback:
Investment: A History
Norton Reamer and Jesse Downing

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: The Mathematics of Inequality, the Development of Life Insurance, and More!

How Much Inequality Is Fair?

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

How Much Inequality Is Fair?: Mathematical Principles of a Moral, Optimal, and Stable Capitalist Society
Venkat Venkatasubramanian

Morals and Markets: The Development of Life Insurance in the United States
Viviana A. Rotman Zelizer. Foreword by Kieran Healy.

Now available in paperback:
Born Translated: The Contemporary Novel in an Age of World Literature
Rebecca L. Walkowitz

Now available in paperback:
Marx After Marx: History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism
Harry Harootunian

Fiber City: A Vision for the Shrinking Megacity, Tokyo 2050 [Bilingual: Japanese/English]
Hidetoshi Ohno
(University of Tokyo Press)

Studying Waltz with Bashir
Giulia Miller

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Poetry and Punk Rock in NYC, a History of Consumer Surveillance in the US, and More!

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

“Do You Have a Band?”: Poetry and Punk Rock in New York City
Daniel Kane

Creditworthy: A History of Consumer Surveillance and Financial Identity in America
Josh Lauer

The Origins of Neoliberalism: Modeling the Economy from Jesus to Foucault
Dotan Leshem

Wright’s Writings: Reflections on Culture and Politics, 1894–1959
Kenneth Frampton
(Columbia Books on Architecture and the City)

The Cinema of Wes Anderson: Bringing Nostalgia to Life
Whitney Crothers Dilley
(Wallflower Press)

The Holy Mountain
Alessandra Santos
(Wallflower Press)

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Designed Leadership, Ancient Chinese Poetry, New Raymond Tallis, and More!

Designed Leadership

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Designed Leadership
Moura Quayle

The Songs of Chu: An Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poetry by Qu Yuan and Others
Qu Yuan. Edited and translated by Gopal Sukhu.

Narrative in Social Work Practice: The Power and Possibility of Story
Edited by Ann Burack-Weiss, Lynn Sara Lawrence, and Lynne Bamat Mijangos. Foreword by Rita Charon.

Of Time and Lamentation: Reflections on Transience
Raymond Tallis
(Agenda Publishing)

The Economics of Music
Peter Tschmuck
(Agenda Publishing)

Trace Elements
Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch
(Columbia Books on Architecture and the City)

JIKIFU: A Japanese Aesthetics of Taste
Shinichiro Ogata. Introduction by Yoshiaki Nishino.
(University of Tokyo Press)

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Economic Thought, Political Freud, Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism, and More!

Economic Thought: A Brief History

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Now available in paperback:
Economic Thought: A Brief History
Heinz D. Kurz. Translated by Jeremiah Riemer.

Now available in paperback:
Political Freud: A History
Eli Zaretsky

Now available in paperback:
Consumed Nostalgia: Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism
Gary Cross

British Fascism: A Discourse-Historical Analysis
John E. Richardson
(ibidem Press)

Patriotic Education in Contemporary Russia: Sociological Studies in the Making of the Post-Soviet Citizen
Anna Sanina
(ibidem Press)

Die Strahlkraft der Stadt [German-language Edition]: Schriften zu Film und Geschichte
Siegfried Mattl. Edited by Drehli Robnik.
(Austrian Film Museum)

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Junk DNA, the Living Wage, the Political Economy of Brexit, and More!

Junk DNA: A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Now available in paperback:
Junk DNA: A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome
Nessa Carey

The Living Wage
Donald Hirsch and Laura Valadez-Martinez
(Agenda Publishing)

The Political Economy of Brexit
Edited by David Bailey and Leslie Budd
(Agenda Publishing)

The Company of Wolves
James Gracey

Tsong Khapa’s Illumination of the Hidden Meaning: Mandala, Mantra, and the Cult of the Yognis: A Study and Annotated Translation of Chapters 1-24 of the sbas don kun sel
David B. Gray
(American Institute of Buddhist Studies)

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: A Ch’ae Manshik Reader, the New York Hotel Experience, and More!

Sunset: A Ch'ae Manshik Reader

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Sunset: A Ch’ae Manshik Reader
Ch’ae Manshik. Edited and translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton.

New York Hotel Experience: Cultural and Societal Impacts of an American Invention
Annabella Fick

Trusting the Police: Comparisons across Eastern and Western Europe
Silvia Staubli

Politics, Piety, and Biomedicine: The Malaysian Transplant Venture
Jenny Schreiber

Transformations of the Supernatural: Problems of Representation in the Work of Daniel Defoe
Petra Schoenenberger
(Transcript-Verlag) (more…)

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

New Book Tuesday: China’s Green Religion, Robert K. Merton, Currency Conflict and Trade Policy, and More!

China's Green Religion

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

China’s Green Religion: Daoism and the Quest for a Sustainable Future
James Miller

Now available in paperback:
Robert K. Merton: Sociology of Science and Sociology as Science
Edited by Craig Calhoun

Currency Conflict and Trade Policy: A New Strategy for the United States
C. Fred Bergsten and Joseph E. Gagnon
(Peterson Institute for International Economics)

The Sublime Continuum Super-Commentary (theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma’i tīkka) with the Sublime Continuum Treatise Commentary (Mahāyānottaratantraśāstravyākhyā; theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma’i bstan bcos rnam par bshad pa)
Gyaltsap Dharma Rinchen, Maitreyanātha, and Āryāsanga. Introduction and Translation by Marty Bo Jiang. Edited by Robert A.F. Thurman and Thomas F. Yarnall.
(American Institute of Buddhist Studies)

A People’s History of India 14: Economic History of India, AD 1206-1526, The Period of the Delhi Sultanate and the Vijayanagara Empire
Irfan Habib. Published in association with the Aligarh Historians Society.
(Tulika Books) (more…)

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: The Scaffolding of Sovereignty, The Seventh Sense, and More!

The Scaffolding of Sovereignty

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

The Scaffolding of Sovereignty: Global and Aesthetic Perspectives on the History of a Concept
Edited by Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, Stefanos Geroulanos, and Nicole Jerr

Now available in paperback:
The Seventh Sense: How Flashes of Insight Change Your Life
William Duggan

Now available in paperback:
Courtesans and Opium: Romantic Illusions of the Fool of Yangzhou
Anonymous. Translated by Patrick Hanan.

The Right Balance for Banks: Theory and Evidence on Optimal Capital Requirements
William R. Cline
(Peterson Institute for International Economics)

The Artful Aussie Tax Dodger: 100 Years of Tax Reform in Australia
Lex Fullarton
(ibidem Press)

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Abe Kobo, Diana Trilling, Paul Milgrom, and More!

Beasts Head for Home

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Beasts Head for Home: A Novel
Abe Kōbō. Translated by Richard F. Calichman.

The Untold Journey: The Life of Diana Trilling
Natalie Robins

Discovering Prices: Auction Design in Markets with Complex Constraints
Paul Milgrom

Now available in paperback:
A Hunger for Aesthetics: Enacting the Demands of Art
Michael Kelly

The Children’s Film: Genre, Nation, and Narrative
Noel Brown
(Wallflower Press)

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Rapture, Global Jihad, African American Political Thought, Becoming a Rock Musician, and More!


Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Rapture: A Novel
Iliazd. Translated by Thomas J. Kitson.

Nexus of Global Jihad: Understanding Cooperation Among Terrorist Actors
Assaf Moghadam

Struggle on Their Minds: The Political Thought of African American Resistance
Alex Zamalin

Venture Investing in Science
Douglas W. Jamison and Stephen R. Waite. Foreword by Mark Anderson.

Contemporary Drift: Genre, Historicism, and the Problem of the Present
Theodore Martin

On Becoming a Rock Musician
H. Stith Bennett. Foreword by Howard S. Becker. (more…)

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Philadelphia Trees, Journalistic Authority, Frontiers of Sovereign Investment, and More!

Journalistic Authority

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Philadelphia Trees: A Field Guide to the City and the Surrounding Delaware Valley
Edward S. Barnard, Paul W. Meyer, and Catriona Briger

Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era
Matt Carlson

The New Frontiers of Sovereign Investment
Edited by Malan Rietveld and Perrine Toledano

Frustrated Democracy in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan
Audrey L. Altstadt

The Limits of Westernization: A Cultural History of America in Turkey
Perin E. Gürel

Now available in paperback:
A None’s Story: Searching for Meaning Inside Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam
Corinna Nicolaou

Deep Red
Alexia Kannas
(Wallflower Press)

Cannibal Holocaust
Calum Waddell

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Business in the Age of Activism, Lone Wolf Terrorism, Extinction Studies, and More!

Extinction Studies

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Shapeholders: Business Success in the Age of Activism
Mark R. Kennedy

The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism
Mark S. Hamm and Ramón Spaaij. Foreword by Simon Cottee.

Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death, and Generations
Edited by Deborah Bird Rose, Thom van Dooren, and Matthew Chrulew. Foreword by Cary Wolfe.

Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era
Matt Carlson

Now available in paperback:
After the American Century: The Ends of U.S. Culture in the Middle East
Brian T. Edwards

Now available in paperback:
The Lioness in Winter: Writing an Old Woman’s Life
Ann Burack-Weiss

Now available in paperback:
Encountering Religion: Responsibility and Criticism After Secularism
Tyler Roberts

An Interesting Life, So Far: Memoirs of Literary and Musical Peregrinations
Bruce King
(ibidem Press)

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: Quarks to Culture, Three Generations of a Harlem Family, The Battle Over Addiction Treatment, and More!

Quarks to Culture

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Quarks to Culture: How We Came to Be
Tyler Volk

Down the Up Staircase: Three Generations of a Harlem Family
Bruce D. Haynes and Syma Solovitch

The Recovery Revolution: The Battle Over Addiction Treatment in the United States
Claire D. Clark

Now available in paperback:
Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality: Progress and Poverty in the Gilded Age
Edward O’Donnell

Now available in paperback:
Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers
Sheldon Krimsky

Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality: A Guide for Business Practice
Jeff Guaracino and Ed Salvato
(Harrington Park Press, LLC)

Blue Dunes: Climate Change by Design
Edited by Jesse M. Keenan and Claire Weisz
(Columbia Books on Architecture and the City)

Archaeology on Medieval Knights’ Manor Houses in Poland
Anna Marciniak-Kajzer
(Jagiellonian University Press)

China – Central and Eastern Europe Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Society, Business and Education in Transition
Edited by Joanna Wardega
(Jagiellonian University Press)

The Dynamics of Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency in Second Language Development
Iwona Kowal
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Faces of Contemporary Management, Volume 1
Edited by Barbara Kozuch and Katarzyna Sienkiewicz-Malyjurek
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Rotifers (Rotifera): Freshwater Fauna of Poland
Edited by Irena Bielanska-Grajner, Jolanta Ejsmont-Karabin, and Stanislaw Radwan
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Regenerative Medicine for the Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Edited by Klaudia Stangel-Wójcikiewicz
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Macedonian Discourses: Text Linguistics and Pragmatics
Maciej Kawka
(Jagiellonian University Press)

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: the Ontology of Energy, Phenomena of Power, Naqab Bedouins, and More!

Energy Dreams

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Energy Dreams: Of Actuality
Michael Marder

Phenomena of Power: Authority, Domination, and Violence
Heinrich Popitz. Introduction by Andreas Göttlich and Jochen Dreher. Translated by Gianfranco Poggi.

The Naqab Bedouins: A Century of Politics and Resistance
Mansour Nasasra

Rebekah Owens

Transnational Ukraine?: Networks and Ties that Influence(d) Contemporary Ukraine
Edited by Timm Beichelt and Susann Worschech
(ibidem Press)

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: History and Popular Memory and Race and Real Estate

History and Popular Memory

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Now available in paperback:
History and Popular Memory: The Power of Story in Moments of Crisis
Paul A. Cohen

Now available in paperback:
Race and Real Estate: Conflict and Cooperation in Harlem, 1890-1920
Kevin McGruder

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

New Book Tuesday: A Milestone of Chinese Experimental Literature, Weird Dinosaurs, an Ethnography of the 7 Train, and More!

Remains of Life

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Remains of Life: A Novel
Wu He. Translated by Michael Berry.

Weird Dinosaurs: The Strange New Fossils Challenging Everything We Thought We Knew
John Pickrell. Foreword by Philip Currie.

International Express: New Yorkers on the 7 Train
Stéphane Tonnelat and William Kornblum

Sociophobia: Political Change in the Digital Utopia
César Rendueles. Foreword by Roberto Simanowski. Translated by Heather Cleary.

Environmental Success Stories: Solving Major Ecological Problems and Confronting Climate Change
Frank M. Dunnivant. Afterword by Kari Norgaard.

Holy Wars and Holy Alliance: The Return of Religion to the Global Political Stage
Manlio Graziano

Theory for the Working Sociologist
Fabio Rojas (more…)

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

New Book Tuesday: A New Novella from Yi Mun-yol, Critical Theory in Critical Times, and More!

Meeting with My Brother

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

Meeting with My Brother: A Novella
Yi Mun-yol. Translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl with Yoosup Chang.

Critical Theory in Critical Times: Transforming the Global Political and Economic Order
Edited by Penelope Deutscher and Cristina Lafont

Foucault’s Futures: A Critique of Reproductive Reason
Penelope Deutscher

Militarizing the Nation: The Army, Business, and Revolution in Egypt
Zeinab Abul-Magd

Identifying with Nationality: Europeans, Ottomans, and Egyptians in Alexandria
Will Hanley

Now available in paperback
The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Drama
Edited by J. Thomas Rimer, Mitsuya Mori, and M. Cody Poulton