Columbia Authors at the Asian Studies Association Conference

Asian Studies Titles, Columbia University PressContinuing our look at Columbia authors’ participation at conferences, we offer a list of panelists at the Asian Studies Association conference being held this weekend in Atlanta.

From the femme fatale in Japanese literature to monetary policy in China, the panels and papers listed below reflect the energy and intellectual creativity that currently characterizes the field. (For other glimpses into some interesting discussions in Asian studies, you might want to visit the following sites and blogs: Asian Studies Association, H-Asia, Frog in a Well, The Asian Studies Monitor, The China Beat, Paper Republic, Asia Source, and And check these sites for even more resources.)

The title of the panel and the article follow the participants name:

* Haruo Shirane, Theorizing Premodern Japan, Chair
* Melek S. Ortabasi, Text, Nation and the Battlehood for Childhood in 20th Century Japan, “Teaching Children to Do Thing With Words: Yanagita Kunio and the Postwar Education Debate”
* Sylvia Li-Chun Lin, Remainders and Reminders: Figures of History of Modern Chinese Literature and Film, “Between the Past and the Future: Documenting the 2/28 Incident on Films”
* Indra Levy, The Triumph of the Vernacular in Asia, “The Modern Japanese Vernacular and Polyglossic Femme Fatale”
* Richard Calichman, The Legacy of Lu Xun and the Conundrums of Chinese Modernity, Discussant
* Joshua A. Fogel, Multimedia Chinggis Khan, “Chinggis on the Japanese Mind: Images of the Great Khan in 19th- and 20th-Century Japan”
* Victor H. Mair, Romanization in the Sino-Xenic Sphere: Past, Present, and Future, “The Current Status of Script Reform in China”
* Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Roundtable: Public Intellectuals: Old Hands and the New Generation in China Studies, Discussant
* Madeleine Zelin, Chinese Monetary History and the Perils of Conventional Monetary Theory, “Monetary Arrangement in Sichuan in the Late Qing and Republican Periods: A View from Zigong Contracts”
* Michael Bourdaghs, Reading Shimazaki Toson beyond Japan, Discussant
* Nancy N. Chen, Rich, (Un)Healthy, and Immortal: Habit: Morality, and the Affect of Power in Contemporary China, Discussant

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