CIAO: Expert Analysis on Tibet

Columbia International Affairs Online, TibetDuring the month of April, Columbia University Press’s premier online database of international affairs, Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), opens its front page with an in-depth analysis of the anti-Chinese uprising in Tibet for free viewing to the public.

In the past month, Tibet has been in the front-page news in print and online as a wave of violence swept over its capital, Lhasa. The recent confrontations between Buddhist monks and the Chinese authorities are the most serious that Beijing is facing since the late 1980s and have already claimed dozens of lives. As the Dalai Lama actively seeks help from the United States, the ruling Communist party faces a major challenge of counteracting the negative publicity on the eve of the Olympic Games. (For more postings on Tibet from the CUP blog.)

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The front page on Tibet is only the tip of the iceberg. To dip into the full wealth of resources that CIAO offers, one must be a subscriber. Ask your librarian today if they subscribe!

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