"Debunking an Autism Theory" / Online Reviews of "Autism's False Prophets"

“Sadly, even after all this, many parents still blame the vaccine. The big losers in this debate are the children who are not being vaccinated because of parental fears and are at risk of contracting serious—sometimes fatal—diseases.”—from the New York Times

More news relating to Paul Offit’s Autism’s False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure:

Yesterday’s New York Times editorial “Debunking an Autism Theory,” wrote about a new study conducted at Columbia University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Centers for Disease Control finding absolutely no link between the MMR vaccine and childhood autism. Their finding added to the mounting evidence against a now widely discredited paper first published in The Lancet, which argued that the measles vaccine caused autism.

The new study comes to the same conclusion the Paul Offit and many other scientists and epidemiologists have come to regarding the safety and importance of vaccination.Also, LeftBrain/RightBrain and AutismVox, very much on the forefront of the debate regarding the debate about vaccination and autism reviewed the book.

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