Mother Nature Network reviews Climate Change, by Edmond Mathez

Climate ChangeTitled “A (much needed) climate change bible,” the Mother Nature Network’s review of Edmond Mathez’s Climate Change: The Science of Global Warming and Our Energy Future, extols the virtues of the book for both general readers and students.

The reviewer Devereaux Bell writes,

You can’t help being affected by a lot of what Mathez covers. A bit on extreme events, for example, is almost startling…. The book is full of concrete, historical examples like “Black Sunday” (the day that “spawned the name Dust Bowl”). All in all, it’s a refreshing departure from tiresome talk of rising seas levels.

The review also suggests that while Climate Change has many of the attributes of a textbook and has already been adopted in courses, it is also not your run-of-the-mill text:

It’s not as bulky or as ridiculously expensive as the books I bought in college, but the make is clear enough. It’s a glossy, oversized thing with conspicuously shiny pages and a study guide.

But I’m pretty sure Climate Change will surprise you. It may have been written with assigned reading in mind, but it doesn’t read like a textbook. Quite frankly, it’s a good read—breezy, enthralling and clearly written. More importantly though—and especially as far as environmental books are concerned—it’s an important, utterly essential book.

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