The Oldest Tree in New York City

New York City TreesNot surprisingly, when the New York Times City Room blog wanted to find out what the oldest tree is in New York City they asked Edward S. Barnard author of New York City Trees: A Field Guide for the Metropolitan Area.

Barnard, like most experts, is unsure about the oldest tree though many suspect that it is the enormous tulip tree in Alley Pond Park, called the Queens Giant, which might be as old as 400 years. Other interesting facts about New York City and trees: There are 5.2 million trees and the city and 25 percent of the city is covered in shade.

What explains the fascination with old trees? Here’s how the blog post finishes:

“It’s exciting for people like me to look at, to touch something that lived” so long ago, Mr. Barnard said. “There’s something sacred about these ancient living things.”

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