New Book Tuesday: The Gypsy "Menace" and More

Gypsy MenaceThe following titles are now available:

The Gypsy “Menace”: Populism and the New Anti-Gypsy Politics
Edited by Michael Stewart

Virilio and Visual Culture
Edited by John Armitage and Ryan Bishop

The Poetry of Jack Spicer
Daniel Katz

Global Solidarity
Lawrence Wilde

From Rome to Byzantium, AD 363 to 565: The Transformation of Ancient Rome

American Smart Cinema (Now available in paper)
Claire Perkins

The International Film Musical (Now available in paper)
Edited by Corey Creekmur and Linda Mokdad

The New Extremism in Cinema: From France to Europe (Now available in paper)
Edited by Tanya Horeck and Tina Kendall

The Unexpected: Narrative Temporality and the Philosophy of Surprise
Mark Currie

Creating Worldviews: Metaphor, Ideology, and Language (Now available in paper)
James W. Underhill

The Girlhood of Shakespeare’s Sisters: Gender, Transgression, Adolescence
Jennifer Higginbotham

King and Court in Ancient Persia, 559 to 331 B.C.E.
Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

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