Book Giveaway! What Kind of Creatures Are We?, by Noam Chomsky

“It’s always spring in Mr. Chomsky’s garden. Like John Ashbery, Noam Chomsky seems to come up with thoughts that are always fresh, unaffected by the polluting cliches that most of us inhale and exhale all day and night. To read his sentences is a life-giving elixir.” — Wallace Shawn

This week, our featured book is What Kind of Creatures Are We?, by Noam Chomsky. Throughout the week, we will be featuring content about the book and its author on our blog as well as on our Twitter feed and our Facebook page.

We are also offering a FREE copy of What Kind of Creatures Are We?. Due to overwhelming participation in the giveaway, we have upped our offer to TWENTY free copies of the book! To enter our book giveaway, simply fill out the form below with your name and preferred mailing address. We will randomly select our winners on Friday, January 29th at 1:00 pm. Good luck, and spread the word!

Thanks to all those who participated! The giveaway is now closed. We have randomly selected our twenty winners and notified them by email.

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  1. I just can’t wait to read the latest literary offering by Noam Chomsky. I hold his intellectual prowess in high regard. I am at awe how he is able to articulate his views even when they are not popular in the mainstream or dominant corridors of power. May he continue to make a difference and inspire confidence in alternative world view.

  2. Started reading Prof. Chomsky’s political and social critiques and really got interested when I began to read his ideas on linguistics. A very unique view that has influenced so many fields of study, and has really held up as well as evolved. Hope to win.

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