Announcing the Columbia University Press Fall 2016 Catalog

Columbia UP Fall 2016 Catalog

We are proud to announce our catalog of new books coming in Fall 2016! In her introductory letter, Press Director Jennifer Crewe lays out her hopes for the books in the catalog and lists a few highlights:

Dear Readers:

This catalogue represents a phenomenal effort on the part of our authors and Columbia University Press to publish books that intervene in today’s most urgent global issues. With books on immigration, equal representation, climate change, free speech, terror, human rights, and the future of the world economy, our press continues to lead in disseminating crucial ideas based in sound scholarship that are necessary as our world grows smaller and more tense.

Our titles this season rethink foundational partnerships—science and art, husband and wife, true and false, business and society, East and West, and the economy and the environment—to broaden our worldview and foster a more intimate knowledge of influence and inspiration. In Reductionism in Art and Brain Science (p. 1), the Nobel Prize–winning author Eric R. Kandel appreciates from a neuroscientific perspective the impulses that disrupt creative paradigms. In Marriage as a Fine Art (p. 5), Julia Kristeva and Philippe Sollers reflect on the challenge of adapting to and loving another person. In The Madhouse Effect (p. 9), the award-winning climate scientist Michael E. Mann and the Pulitzer prize–winning political cartoonist Tom Toles use incisive humor to balance scientific fact and partisan fiction. Capital and the Common Good (p. 12) is Georgia Levenson Keohane’s proposal to apply market savvy to social, economic, and environmental challenges, and Endangered Economies (p. 17) is Geoffrey Heal’s effort to broker a peace between economic growth and environmental preservation.

Our joint venture with the Russian Institute for Literary Translation (pp. 6–7), a powerful partnership between East and West, has yielded the first three books in our Russian Library series. These provocative novels and drama prove that cutting-edge satire and formal innovation are alive and well in the cradle of modern literature. We have also acquired distribution rights for four new, acclaimed presses: Tulika Books in India (p. 100), Agenda Publishing in the United Kingdom (p. 94), Barbara Budrich Publishers in Germany (p. 96), and the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, D.C. (p. 92). These presses complement our existing strengths while adding to our offerings in economics and sociology.

As a business and an intellectual storehouse, Columbia University Press continues to grow in remarkable new ways, and the backing we receive from our readers, partners, and university faculty and staff is what makes this possible. Thank you for your continued support of our books and mission.

Jennifer Crewe
President and Director

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