New Book Tuesday!: Dinosaurs, Freedom Schools, and More!

Dinosaurs: The Textbook

Dinosaurs: The Textbook
Spencer G. Lucas

The Freedom Schools: Student Activists in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement
Jon N. Hale

The Winemaker’s Hand: Conversations on Talent, Technique, and Terroir (Now available in paper)
Natalie Berkowitz

Transgression in Anglo-American Cinema: Gender, Sex, and the Deviant Body
Edited by Joel Gwynne
(Wallflower Press)

Projecting Race: Postwar America, Civil Rights, and Documentary Film
Stephen Charbonneau
(Wallflower Press)

Studying Hammer Horror
Victoria Grace Walden

The Empress and the Heavenly Masters: A Study of the Ordination Scroll of Empress Zhang (1493)
Luk Yu-ping
(The Chinese University Press)

Post-Communist Sinology in Transformation: Views from the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Poland, and Russia
Edited by Chih-yu Shih
(The Chinese University Press)

Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Edited by Lawrence Wang-chi Wong and Bernhard Fuehrer
(The Chinese University Press)

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