New Book Tuesday: The Sustainable City, the American Tomato, American Magazine Writing, and More!

The Sustainable City

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

The Sustainable City
Steven Cohen

Garden Variety: The American Tomato from Corporate to Heirloom
John Hoenig

The Best American Magazine Writing 2017
Edited by Sid Holt for the American Society of Magazine Editors

Chinese Script: History, Characters, Calligraphy
Thomas O. Höllmann. Translated by Maximiliane Donicht.

Philosophies of Happiness: A Comparative Introduction to the Flourishing Life
Diana Lobel

The Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity, 200–1336, expanded edition
Caroline Walker Bynum

Becoming the News: How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight
Ruth Palmer

Life and Money: The Genealogy of the Liberal Economy and the Displacement of Politics
Ute Tellmann

Thick and Dazzling Darkness: Religious Poetry in a Secular Age
Peter O’Leary

From Da Ponte to the Casa Italiana: A Brief History of Italian Studies at Columbia University
Barbara Faedda

Now available in paperback:
Wall Streeters: The Creators and Corruptors of American Finance
Edward Morris

Now available in paperback:
The End of Progress: Decolonizing the Normative Foundations of Critical Theory
Amy Allen

Trash Cinema: The Lure of the Low
Guy Barefoot
(Wallflower Press)

Security in the Anthropocene: Reflections on Safety and Care
Cameron Harrington and Clifford Shearing

American Missionaries in the Ottoman Empire: A Conceptual Metaphor Analysis of Missionary Narrative, 1820-1898
Hami Inan Gümüş

(Extra)Ordinary Presence: Social Configurations and Cultural Repertoires
Edited by Markus Gottwald, Kay Kirchmann, and Heike Paul

Prizing Debate: The Fourth Decade of the Booker Prize and the Contemporary Novel in the UK
Anna Auguscik

Discursive Intersexions: Daring Bodies between Myth, Medicine, and Memoir
Michaela Koch

Wires That Bind: Nation, Region, and Technology in the Southwestern United States, 1854-1920
Torsten Kathke

Writing Emotions: Theoretical Concepts and Selected Case Studies in Literature
Edited by Ingeborg Jandl, Susanne Knaller, Sabine Schönfellner, and Gudrun Tockner

Emotions, Remembering and Feeling Better: Dealing with the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement in Canada
Anne-Marie Reynaud

How Genes Matter: Genetic Medicine as Subjectivisation Practices
Bernhard Wieser

Aging in Slavic Literatures: Essays in Literary Gerontology
Edited by Dagmar Gramshammer-Hohl

Senior Tourism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging and Traveling
Edited by Simone Francescato, Roberta Maierhofer, and Valeria Minghetti

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