Book Giveaway! Meals Matter: A Radical Economics Through Gastronomy, by Michael Symons

As an academic economist and former chef, this is a book I wish I had written. Symons’s work provides a unique contribution through its fusion of philosophy, economics, and food, arguing for the need to reject the acquisitive self-interest ethos of economics and instead return to a social-centric Epicurean philosophy. I for one would enjoy a seat at Symons’s table.

~Ted P. Schmidt, author of The Political Economy of Food and Finance

This week’s featured book is Meals Matter: A Radical Economics Through Gastronomy, by Michael Symons. In this work, Symons returns economics to its roots in the distribution of food and the labor required, offering a gastronomic rebuttal to the narrow worldview of mainstream economics. He finds hope for shared “table pleasure” in institutions like community gardens, street markets, and banquets and in eating fresh, local, and “slow” food.

Make sure to fill out the form below for a chance to win a copy of this book! Come back on Wednesday to read a post by Symons about the changing dynamic around food amidst the pandemic and on Thursday to read an excerpt from the prologue to the book.

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